Wednesday, 25 November 2009

11 secound club project week 4

This is my final piece, Im rather happy about it. Lip syncing wasn't that bad, didn't take very long but i did enjoy it. I think i'm slowly understanding maya a bit more now.

I think that the mouth movement before the words cocoon of horror could of been a bit slower, but i did find it slightly difficult trying to get the mouth to match up with the words correctly in between the frames that moved the character.
I also had difficulty getting to move the mouth just when he starts saying " im living" As i opened the mouth, key framed it there but then it was open during crying and before the character started speaking. So what i did was but a pause in just before he started speaking and this worked. And when i first finished this the mouth opened to wide so i went back and made it a bit smaller. 

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Kathys project final week!!!

These are my final drawrings. I decided do a few quick sketches as i have done a few long ones.
Here i drew a few pictures from vets and animals, patient and nurse and two children playing. They're nothing great but they show interaction between people and people and animals.
These are a couple more of quick sketches showing interaction

Experimental project

Here i have planned out what im going to do in my animation after creating a dope sheet.

I'm going to have the pattern growing out depending on speed of music and music notes. The extra arms are going to grow out with the music with the flowers and leaves at the end of them. The red in the picture will be coming out with the main bold colour.

Kathys project week 6

This week i decided to use water paints, pastels and colour pencils. I enjoyed painting my pictures even though they did take awhile.
  I really like the way this image turned out. I decided to draw and paint parrots cause of there bright colors and they're very pretty birds. This image took me awhile to do as i had to wait for each layer of color to dry before i went onto the next bit. I did enjoy it though. I think i could of worked on the eyes. I did struggle with the beak colour as i couldnt get it right but i got there eventually.

 This is another one i rather like again it took me while same reason as the other one. I prefer the eyes on this one compared o the other one. I like the bright colors and the patterns on the face.

 I decided to draw a pair of tigers and use water paints instead of pencil or pastels. Im quite happy with the way it has turned out, think i could of worked on the tiger on the right a bit more. They eye looks rather funny and head a bit small.

 This is just another couple of human emotions drawn with a normal pencil and colored in using color pencil.

11 secound club project week 3

This is my final piece done without lip syncing.

I'm quite happy with this and i tried to make it look more life like then robotic. I think the things i can improve are:

When the character suddenly leans forward could do with more emphasis. And when his arms go out the arms shouldnt move round to much but sit still. I couldnt find which frames which caused the problem. I think if i had more time i would improve these points.

I have also changed the characters movements a little because the character is sitting down it doesnt give much room for movement and my previous idea had little in it. So as i was creating my final peice i thought i change the movement when he said the words " cocoon of horror" I think this gives it a bit more and doesnt look so plain.

Monday, 16 November 2009

kathys project week 5

This week i decided to draw pictures from series i watched, things like supernatual, bones and ghost whisperer and some pictures from every day.
Im quite happy how this picture turned out, i'm not usually good at drawing people but i think this picture is a slight improvement from the past pictures i have tried to draw, although it doesn't look like the actual person and a few things are out of proportion, i think i'm getting there and i'm going to try keep practicing. I picked this picture as i like the expression, is very exaggerated and shows the emotion well.

 I decided to draw four small different drawings using different mediums. I have used brio pen, colored pencil marker and normal pencil. I draw people better in bigger, clearer pictures then something small so this something i may have to work on in the future. I don't like the colored pencil and marker as its out of proportion and i could of been more careful in drawing in the marker pen.
Here i decided to draw a larger picture in brio. I quite like using brio, gives a nice look to it. Im quite happy with the look of the dog, eyes could be bigger and could of worked on detail more. With the kid the eyes look to small and legs are out proportion. 
Im rather happy with this picture, i think i need to work on smaller facial features.

11 secound club week 2

I'm rather pleased with how this turned out, i didn't struggle as much as i use to and i'm starting to get to grips with the animating, movement and pauses.
I think in my final pieces i need to put more emphasis on the arms going up and the anticipation before he slumps back down, i also need to make sure it goes with the sound, and maybe work on another computer to upload sound etc. Think parts of the animation need to be snappier but over all im rather happy with it.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

11 second club project, week one

This is something i could uploa
d before and should of been uploaded on week one but mac was playing up.

So the idea i came up with, is the character sat down, in a middle of a cocoon with his head down, there's going to be exaggerated arm movements, character going to be sat down through it.
Heres the video of basic movements, its very rough but it gives me a idea for timing. I got lee to do my acting cause mines terrible an i'm not the most confident of people.

This is my basic storyboard. I will put the camera angle somewhere diffrent from the pictures, more to a angle to you can see movements better etc.

Main poses:

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Emotion Change project

This is my final peice.

I think the animation drags out a bit, when the character gets back up he gets up to slowly, and reaction and inspecting the object doesnt have enough anticipation and bending out the back and a big enough reaction.

I think the depressed walk before bending down went well, got the speed about right and got the emotion through, it just half way it starts going down hill and i start to loose it.

If i was to do this again i would shorten the animation down, have more anticipation and bigger reaction and line of action.

Kathys project week 4

This week i decided focusing and cats, big and small as i do love drawring big cats. I love there eyes, they are such beatiful animals and i do enjoy drawring them.

On this page i have drawn a serval, a domestic kitten and a leopard. I rather like the way this picture has turned out, i think i have improved a little on the detail of the fur. I think i still need to work on shading and direction of eyes and face, sometimes i draw out a picture and when i get to the angle of head and eyes i always seem to have them different to where they ment to be but i'm getting there.

Im rather happy with this picture, with the cheetah picture i thought instead of having everything in pencil, id colour the eyes in to give it a bit more and to stand out. I think i could of worked on the tiger a bit more, worked on proportion and detail

Final Ideas

Here i decided to use a big of colour in the small bits of detail which went quite well. I have drawn the same image twice, once with the burned paper and another without.

This is my final idea, i like the design and it doesnt look to much, I may draw another one but using a marker. To create this i used a tea bag, biro and a red colour pencil.

This image is the same as the previous one but with burnt bits in this, i dont like this design cause you miss some of the detail and it looks to much.
I created the burn markers using a match and setting alight corners of the page and burning a bit from underneath the paper.

To create this, i may draw this frame by frame, photos or video. Im going to experiment and pick the one i like the best and works well.


Here are the first ideas i got from the ink/marker pen experiment. Thought id have a go at what i thought before reseaching and then look more into patterns.
My first curly idea came from a picture i drew last year and thought i could replicate that and use it in my animation, other ideas came from a animation i found on youtube.

This is a drawring i done last year and gave me my first inspiration for my first ideas, Ill proberly change the pattern so it flows together, so in the animation bits can come of each other and i will also keep it to one colour.

I created this image using a tea bag in warm water and rubbing it over a page of my sketch book to it had that old look to it, once it dried i then used a marker and using my first image as a base image i drew diffrent patterns and lines coming out of each other, ill proberly have the base coming out slowly in the animation with the curls coming out each branch as it come out an then had the extra detail dotting the edges and seprate parts coming out after.

For this idea i used the animation i found on youtube for this. I dnt like this idea as it looks to plain and doent have much to it.
If i was to animate this, i could have the tree growing out and the flowers growing out of the tops as the branches end.
I created this again using a tea bag and marker

Here i used the same inspirationg as my first idea but using a blue pencil and a white background, Im not to keen on this as it looks rather plain but i do like the pattern.

This is the research i have done after my 1st basic ideas, i looking into japanese art as i have always loved japanese culture etc. I have also looked into other patterns and designs as well.

I really like the flower design and how they all come togther and everything fits. I may use a basic black tree and then use a fain colour for extra detail, like the image here.

I like the idea of having a dark basic background and the using a one block color for the detail.

I decided to look at Japanese art in trees to give me a better idea of a basic black outline of a tree and i rather like the Japanese style.

Here i have looked a flower pattern, i really like the shape it makes and the way the leaves come out of the stem

here i looked a tree design, using lines and curls so i get a better idea.

This is the animation i found that gave me some of my insperation

Ideas for experimental animation

I listening to music and done some research on the internet for experimental animation. Ideas i have up with, are:

For the music Mally-A: Using ink or black marker a tree or some sort of pattern coming out of the side of the page and growing out, making more patterns and expanding with the music


Drawring dancing scenes and putting it together, maybe some movie

For Ruta_dalta:

Blotches of paint and taking diffrent shots of the painting and putting it together.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Kathys project week 3

This week i have decided to concentrate on people. Ive just done some basic sketches with not much detail in, ive also added a couple more silloette pictures. Im still enjoying this project and drawring out pictures, its quite relaxing and its something nice to do to pass the time.

I rather like this picture, the whole picture i drew from was rather funny but i couldnt fit the secound kitten in. I think i could of Put more time into fur detail and shading, but i like the proporsion of everything and nothing looks out of line to much.

Here iv done a communication one which i dont like really, could of made the faces look more in proporsion but i like the body laungage and actions in the picture. I quite like the shocked one, although not everything is not proporsion, i like the over exaggerated exspression, although im quite happy with the proportion and the emotion of the upset picture.

Here i have drawn a couple of silloette pictures, you can see the communcation and body laungage in these, tell whats going on without seeing the faces or any detail. I like the proportion of the hugging picture.

In these pictures i have missed out on facial exspression on some, this is so show body launage and not facial emotion

Emotion change project..things so far

Ok, i think im getting the hang of movement in a walk now and getting to grips with things with a bit of help as well. So far i have the Depressed walk done and finding something, ive added a bit of anticipation before the bending down. All i got to do now is, bending down to pick up object, examing it and the happy walk and ill be done :D...ill have to try upload what ive done so far when i get to a pc with maya on.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Idea for emotion change and research

IDEA: My idea for this project is a character walking along, really depressed as if hes had a bad day and he then comes across a something on the ground, so he bends down to look at it, stands up and inspects this bit of paper, holding it up. He then relises its a £20 note and his emotion goes from depressed to happy, he then starts walking in a happy state. Im trying to work on the transition bewtween the two. I though maybe the character suddenly shocked as he finds out what this object is, puts it away then walks on but more happy.

I have researched into Images and videos to give me a better idea, i have also drawn what i thought it looks like then drawring something after i have researched into it. I have drawn the transitions from walking, bending down, getting back up, inspecting then walking on more happy

Idea for emotion change and research

IDEA: My idea for this project is a character walking along, really depressed as if hes had a bad day and he then comes across a something on the ground, so he bends down to look at it, stands up and inspects this bit of paper, holding it up. He then relises its a £20 note and his emotion goes from depressed to happy, he then starts walking in a happy state. Im trying to work on the transition bewtween the two. I though maybe the character suddenly shocked as he finds out what this object is, puts it away then walks on but more happy.

I have researched into Images and videos to give me a better idea, i have also drawn what i thought it looks like then drawring something after i have researched into it. I have drawn the transitions from walking, bending down, getting back up, inspecting then walking on more happy

( cant upload images at the moment, will try later)

Lifting a heavy object

I think i could of spent more time on this a bit more. Im quite happy with the weight being lifted, but i think the box moves a bit much and the character doesnt have a simple staight down bend and its all over the place.
I think i could of worked on the weight on the characters hips and legs as he moves over the box.
I need to have more anticipation before he lifts the box, he almost goes straight into the box lifting, he bends to far over the box and should attempt to lift the box eg tug at it, test it then pick it up.

If i was to do this again i think i would spend more time on Keeping the spine straight, lining up the box and the weight of the persons walk as well as anticipation.

Walk Cycle Year2

This is my first walk cycle after the summer holidays, Im not overally happy with it, i think it looks a bit robotic and not very life like. I think i could work on little exaggerations like the flick of the hands and feet, the rolling of the shoulders and hip movement But i think i over exaggerated on the leg movements, her strides are to wide.

I had struggeled with getting back into it, i had looked at walk cycles on youtube to help and through a book i had and pictures on the internet. I had to start over twice as things in the model werent working properly for example the model has a twitch, the moving of the hips didnt work with the walk and the shoulder movement wasnt moving with the body, i had tried fixing these but it got worse and worse and i was wasting time and had done it much quicker when i started over.

I feel like theres a movement that is missing from the middle bit after the highest point and also it looks to fast.

If i was to do this again, i would work more in the feet movement, arms + hands, hip movement and shoulder rolling, less exaggeration on the leg movement so strides arent so wide and work on it to look more life like and exagerate everything a little bit and frame rate + Timing

Monday, 19 October 2009

Kathys project

I am really enjoying drawing human and animal emotion at the moment, i understand the project and what has been asked of me. I have been trying to look at both a equal amount of human and animal emotions, going from small pictures to large ones.

I have used different material such as, water colors, Pastels and color pencil. 
The only thing i'm struggling with at the moment is keeping on top of the 7 drawings each week but i don't get to far behind and do catch up. 

In my next drawings i'm going to try look at the whole human body, quick sketches and whole animal body.

Kathys project week 1 and 2

In this project we have been asked to look at body language used in ever day things, like talking, interacting with children and animals, we have to look at both animal and human body language.
I started out looking at animal Body language, I looked at horse's ( something i know a little about) Dogs, cats and wild animals. 

On the Left is the pictures i drew of horse emotions, i havnt put loads of detail in, this is just a basic drawring.
The top left is ment to show the horse being alert and excited which i think i shown quite well but i think i could of moved the head up a bit more. 
Top right is showing the horse being afraid/angry, i think i could of tilted ears back more and stretched neck out more. The bottom left is showing the horse relaxed. I think the picture i drew made it look more bored then anything. Maybe could of worked on the eyes and lip more. 
On the right i have look at human emotions, going from relaxed, scared, arguing and happy.
Most these pictures i found on the internet and also random pictures i had taken when going out and also a game im playing at the moment called haunting ground, This shows human and animal emotion rather well but i havnt concentrated on it to much and look at real life more.

Here are another to pieces of work showing both animal and human emotions. My wolf drawing are showing basic dog emotions from happy/alert, relaxed, submissive and aggressive. I will eventually look at the whole body and dogs interacting.
My human body language are from photos from going out and life. The top left and bottom left is when i got together with my friends and we all sat doing different poses of communication etc.

Here i have looked at animal emotion in tigers, i looks a facial expression and to whole body. I have used pencil and pastels. Im not to happy bout the tiger face, looks out of proportion, This was my first attempt at using pastels and have learnt a bit for when i use them again.

In this picture i have decided to look at birds fighting an the body laungage used, it looks a bit messy, could of been neater. Here i have used water colour paints.

Things i struggled with on the walk cycle

 I really struggled with getting back into the walk cycle and working with maya, it took me a couple of hours to get any where and had to start over at one point.
I struggled with:

  • Getting started with the legs and the persitions but got past that quite quickly and looked up pictures and animations of walk cycles to help me.
  • The hip movements, wasn't quite sure where the hip went down to one side and when it didn't, i got rather frustrated with this and the rig kept twitching had to keep deleting frames etc, in the end i started over with the hips and got there.
  • Rolling of the shoulders, i had a go at moving the shoulders with the body but i didn't  tlook right at the end, i ended up starting again and leaving that out. ( something i need to work on in the future)

Summer pictures part 3

Here i drew a red panda and a lemur.  Im not to sure on the Red Panda drawing, it doesn't quite look like one, i'm not sure if its to do with size or shape. I think i could of taken more time over this, One eye looks bigger then the other and i think i could of worked on shading more.
With the Lemur picture i struggled a lot with the head shape and angle of the head, i ended up drawing round the picture i was drawing from and measuring it out, this picture took me longer then the others but i'm rather happy with the over all out come, i think i could of been lighter on the pencil though.

Here i decided to draw something more mythical than real, i struggled with the persitioning on the head and the eyes at first, but got there in the end, I think i could of worked on it a bit more and i think i need to work on my shading a bit more and the detail with out rushing it.

Summer drawring part 2

Second lot of pictures i drew over the summer. 

Here i tried to draw something new and again get out my comfort zone. I decided to draw a giraffe as one of my sisters favorite animals is a giraffe. Im not overly happy with the turn out of this picture, proportion looks ok but i think the eye looks a bit to big and could be moved forward a bit more. Could of worked on detail in fur a bit more and maybe done some research into other pictures of giraffes people have drawn and got a better idea. 
Im overly happy with the proportion of the body and persitioning of everything but i think i should of worked on eyes a lot more, shading and detail, it don't look that life like and looks rushed.

I have a love for horses so thought id have a go at drawing one, i'm overly happy with the out come of this picture, I think i could of taken more time on the detail of the fur as it looks to long and it should be shorter, shading looks ok round the neck and nose, could of worked on the shading on the face.
Im really happy with my lion face, everything seems in proportion, shading looks good and everything seems to be persitioned right. I think this is one of the pictures i spent a bit of time on although i think  rushed a bit when i got to the mane and could of taken slower.