Saturday, 14 March 2009

Messing around with maya

I decided to mess round with maya one day, and decided to create a character called kero from a series called cardcaptors. I just used basic shapes and techniques to create the character.

I need to use lighting on him, which im going to practice on and when i have the time im going to model something more complicated or attempt to.

Gizmo pictures

I had a random idea of drawring gizmo from gremlins as i have been watching the movies quite recently, This took me awhile and i had a go at shading the image. 

Think i could improve some of the proportions on gizmo, and i need to practice shading. 



In my spare time i have been drawring alot more, using both water colours and pencil drawrings.
I am going to try improve on my shading and painting skills in time. 
i  will also maybe st

art at looking at eyes, people, hands and feet as those are the most things i struggle at. 

Ident project

I'm rather enjoying the ident project, Its something new and we can put our own ideas and thought in to this and go as mad as we want. 
Most of our idea for the ident is mostly done now, almost there. Done most of the pre-productiona and almost finished the main thing, with having to import maya work into after effects and creating the background of the ident and the logo for chew. I cant wait to see the end result and everyone's final ideas.

I found it hard coming up with the idea at first, although me and my partner sat down and shared ideas and eventually came down to one. Once we got started it was fine. Just need to makes sure that we have done everything that is needed.