Tuesday, 30 November 2010

These are the backgrounds i coloured in for steph. For the last two images i had to re-draw out the background so i could define the buildings etc. Im starting to learn more on shading and lighting in photoshop

Tiger drawring

Something i done in my own time, i done this for a friend for christmas.

I need to work on drawing fur detail and look at drawing and shading animal eyes, i will look into tutorials and work on this in future drawings.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Major project

Here are the background and concepts i have worked on for steph.

I have looked at different variations of different images by adding my own style and looking at stephs and i got to say, i do prefure stephs style. Im quite happy with the out come, i may work on some of them a but more, maybe add more detail as some of them look rather plain and some of them looked slightly unfinished. I will work on these this week and do any other work i will be given.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

My own creature

This is own creature i made up in my own time, i added it onto a photographed background which i need to convert to JPG but will be up at somepoint.

I rather enjoy creating my own characters and experimenting, hoping to improve my art work

Major project

These are two extra bits of storyboard ive added in, thanx to dereks input, i think this has helped the story alot and explains the saucepan.

After a talk with kathy i decided to work on my concepts a bit more and make then look a bit more final. Adding more lighting and shading and adding finishing touches to it