Friday, 29 May 2009


Here are a few tests and the basic animation of the cash register in 3D without been drawn over. Couldnt fit this on the page with the pictures :S, files were to big.

Images 3D modeling and drawring

I couldnt fit the images onto the same page so had to put them on a seprate page :P

Experimenting,3D modeling and drawing around frames

Once we had the character design and environments down two of us drew out a dope sheet by listening to the audio for the lip syncing. Two people started the modeling while one person drew out the lip movements in 2D.

We modeled characters, props ( Stools,chairs,tables, cups, photo frames, counter etc). the modeling too awhile and we had a few problems with creating faces and had to use books and guides to help us through it. When we had the models done we had to attach a skeleton so we could move them. We had problems attaching the skeleton, these problems were the skeleton kept coming out of the model, we solved this by moving the locator and attaching it to the skeleton, once that was done it worked fine and we started adding weight etc.
We then went onto animating the characters, we had a person in out team to walk on there knees and to try get up on to a high chair to get a better idea of how the mother in law would move and try get onto a high stool as we struggled with her movement.

We experimented with 3D animation and drawing over it in 2D we did 2 different tests to makes sure this worked right before starting to draw over anything. We also did a block through.

We then rendered out the animation and moved the images on to photo shop and started drawing over the frames once we made sure it all worked.
This part of the animation took the longest and we was the most tedious and fiddly. To get the colours right and to make sure we all had the same style an using the same colours we used the colour pallet and made sure everyone had a copy of the original image. We were all given a separate part of the animation to draw over to all of us were drawing over frames once the animation was done, this shorted the times taken and everyone had a job to do and doing a bit of work towards the project.

We had problems drawing over the frames because we all kept forgetting to draw on separate layers and had to re-do it over so this added more time to the process. Eventually we started to remember to add a new layer the more we did it. although we had the odd mistake every now and then. Once we had the backgrounds and characters drawn round a big problem we came across was the drawn over cafe scene didn't work with the 3D animation, we solved this by creating the background in Maya using a blank plane rendering it out, drawing over the images and colouring it over in 2D using photo shop we then added the 3D objects, this worked much better.

Once we had everything done we had all the drawn over images put together in after effects and added the audio and sound effects.

Drawring over images

Once we decided on the character design, evironment and colours we then decided to draw round photographs and colour them in using photoshop, this was to follow on our style of drawring round the 3D images. Doing this nothing looked out of place and everything fit together nicely.

For the environment where winnie is sitting down in her chair talking to the camera our group decided to have photos on the wall behind her, the images were taking from the ones we were given. First of all i was given the task of drawring round a photograph doing a basic outline then filling it all in. The only problem with that idea was it took to much time and i had to draw out 3 other images. We then decided to use basic filters etc using photoshop we used the cut out effect and poster edges, this was much faster and had the same effect.
We also drew round the background research and filled it we did this with the front of woolworths and inside the cafe.
The problem we came across with drawring round the images was the best way of doing this was using a graphics tablet but none of us had used one before so we all had to try get use to using one.

Hayle development

After the research we started on designed rooms, charater development,colour palettes, character turn arounds, the over all design and the storyboard.
We used both hand rendered designs we both drew out our own ideas of what people would look like and rooms designs, again we met up to look at everyones designs and discussed it all and then choose one we all prefured. Once decided the choosen character design and evironment was drawn out on photoshop, we looked at diffrent colour designs including creating a colour palette and creating a basic background design and looking at diffrent type of sepia..

Hayle Research

For this project we started off by researching into diffrent animation styles, we looked at a animation called the pearce sisters which we really liked the animation and the style used. This was our main inspiration so we decided to try imitate that style which was a use of both 3D and 2D animation , we then started to drawring up all our own brain storms and ideas for how we would set out animation, keeping in mind the style we wanted, we then took an idea from everyone plus new ideas came from hearing peoples ideas out load and we then came up with look for the audio.
Once we had done that we researched into the style of clothing, furniture,rooms and hairstyles in the 1940's to give us a better idea. We also had additonal research into tea cups,tea pots, old woman, we looked at the old pictures of hayle that were given to us, stools, butter buns, cafe's, Old fashioned cash registers, and old wedding pictures.
We always met up at someones flat on regualr intervals to see what people have done and to make sure we were on track.