Monday, 9 February 2009

Background work

In this project i sometimes find it hard to get a idea of what to draw for a background, but as soon as i get a idea its pretty easy. I find drawing rather relaxing an
d i do enjoy it when i'm in the mood for it. 
I have started usin
g different materials instead of using just a HB pencil. I have used colour pencils and i have st
arted on water colored paints. Which i am practicing at and i'm really enjoying painting f
lowers etc.  I use to like painting a lot as a kid as well. 

After Effects

After effects is something different from what we have previously been taught. I don't enjoy it as much as i do maya but it nice to learn something different. Its a lot like flash and i'm finding it harder to get to grips with the program. I think i need to practice after effects.

3D modeling

I am really enjoying the 3d modeling work and learning something new.
 It can be rather confusing at times, but i don't as confused when i first started out. We have gone from the basics of 3d modeling to learning how to texture a object then placing each piece of a texture in the right place such as a lego box. Its rather enjoyable.

I think i need to practice 3D modeling more and try get to grips with it a bit more.