Wednesday, 20 January 2010

pre-production-character design i like 2


I love the film alien its a classic monster movie. The designs of the aliens are very clever. Is amazing to know that it first started creating these aliens out of bin bags. The aliens almost look human when they stand but a higher more advanced species. I love how they came up with the idea of the face huggers and how the aliens are created. The face huggers are a lot like deep sea creatures or spiders.

Dark crystal:

Dark crystal is one of my favorite childhood films, did scare me a bit as a kid but never the less watched it quite a few times.
I like the character designs of the skesis, they do look a lot like big standing birds, but they developed that look to make them look a lot more intelligent and capable of doing things. You can tell they aren't very good creatures and are quite scary and weird looking. They look alot like vultures.

Another two characters are do like are the mystics and the main characters.
The mystic look like a very gentler version of the skesis, by creating them looking like old people, very innocent looking and kind. The main characters are designs very childlike.


Another favorite childhood film i love to bits.
I love the design of the goblins, all diffrent sizes and looks but you can tell they are goblins. the costume designs of them look very medieval and peasant like.

Another 3 character i love is ludo, hoggle and sir didymus
With ludo i love how he's designed to look big and doppy like a friendly giant. With the big shape, the long hair and big eyes. Hoggle looks like a typical angry old man and looks a bit like a troll.
and sir didymus like a fox/dog character with quite noble clothing.

Pre-production-character design i like (avatar)

The characters they created in avatar are extremely well done, You can actually believe they could actually exists and you can tell they were based on real animals. I found it really clever how they came up with all the characters and creature design. I love the look of them and the bright bold colours they use.

I love how they came up with the people that live on pandora, how every things so brightly colored and how the people of pandora were created to look human but not. Everything looks so magical and you just feel part of the story and pandora.

The reason i love the design of the banshee's is not just cause of the color use, but the structure and how the creature are made to look. You can tell they are predators and they remind me of prehistoric birds of eagles

The other creatures of pandora you can tell are based on such animals like panthers/ big cats, Lemurs, Wild dogs, horse/elephants, it makes you belive that these animals can actually exist and i find it very clever in how they came up and designed these creatures.

Monday, 18 January 2010

3 day writing project

Our subject was documentary so we started off our project by coming together and naming different fairy tales we could use. coming up with diffrent ideas we could use. In the end we decided to go with the story of Rumpelstiltskin but show the story from rumples side, showing him in a good light rather then the bad light everyone see's him in. we started drawing out diffrent character designs e.g princess, king, rumpy,baby and dad while our writer went off and started writing out a script. I decided to go onto the internet and look at pictures of different goblins to help with the design of rumpy, here are the images i found:

We took some features off some of the designs we liked and made our own goblin, the character stitch from lilo and stitch was our main base for him.

these are some of the character designs we came up with.
This was the first day of the project, we had to come up with a storyline and basic idea's. We then pitched our idea.

The finished script ended up being 5 pages long instead of 1/2 pages, but we decided to start on the storyboard to try keep on top of things, so out writer went back and tried to cut down the script. On the third day the script was cut down to the right amount. We then had to draw more frames and add more pictures as well. Some people also went off and colored in the storyboard in photo shop, i helped with the colour in the storyboard and started coloring in rumpy using a set color palette.

These are some of the frames that was drawn. After the script was cut down we decided to not use some frames to save time.
On the second say we showed our basic storyboard and character designs.

On our final day we were finishing off the storyboard and the script was cut down to the right amount and timed. Mid-day me and Jackson started putting the animatic together while people finished off coloring in the scenes we needed to put in. We put the image in time with the dialog and sound.
We got the sound of a internet site and the voices was done by our writer.
Unfortunately some of the frames were lost and we had to work over 4 o clock to get wot we could into the animatic, gradually putting the images into premiere as they were found and finished. We didnt get to do any animation, ( small movements etc)
In our final piece there were a lot of blanc spaces where scenes were missing, but we got the basic idea across.
The problems we came across were:

Script was to long and had to be cut down
Cutting down storyboard and drawing out new scenes
Missing scenes
Computer wouldn't reconise the memory stick

We finally did cut down the the script to the right amount, extra storyboard scenes were quickly done, we found some missing scenes but the ones we couldn't find had to be left due to lack of time and the computer was sorted out in the end and got our work in.