Wednesday, 19 May 2010

3rd year project

These are the photoshop images i have colored in and shaded. The style was a newsroom look, something like sky for the reporter etc.

I am overall quite happy with them. If i have time i may work on them a bit more, tidy it all up etc.

I had to apply the images to each different scene. From doing with i have learnt how to transform an image and change the perspective.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Pitch project Storyboard

This is my storyboard for the pitch. I think the story is clear enough. I rather enjoyed drawing it all out and coming up with the story and has turned out better then what i thought it would

Pitch project character development

This is my character development sheets. I worked on exaggerating certain features of my characters, making them look less realistic. Using different shapes and sizes. Researched a bit into it and this is what i came up with.

These are my final character designs and facial expressions along side one of my environment designs. Im really happy the way they have turned out. I think i need to present them better when i get round to pitch. But over all i'm happy with the out come.

Pitch project research

Here i have decided to look up diffrent types of cartoon pigeons to get a better idea in how i want my character to look, i also looked up a proper picture of a pigeon so i know the shapes and look of them.

My story is about a pigeon getting revenge on a posh man who stands on his lunch. There are 3 different events before it ends. Its going to be a 10 minute short aimed towards children.

Seagull character development ( negotiated Brief)

These are some of my character development work and some environment designs, for the environment i was thinking of using the pier design. I have chosen two final characters designs, which i'm going to work on and color in.

Im over all quite happy with the out come of the development. The research has helped alot and i feel like i can work on character design a lot better now although i still need to practice a bit still.

Research into traditional cartoons ( Negotiated Brief)

I got a book out looking at traditional animation, it showed traditional characters, movements and line of actions, it gave me a better idea for my character and i wanted to do something a bit different from the tradition white oval with a smaller black oval in side.
I've grown quite fond of black dots for eyes and i'm going to work on over exaggerating some of my seagull character.