Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Added a few more pages to my website with the sketch work i have done and some fan art, may do a few more bits and bobs of fan art to fill that up a little.

Here's the link to my site:

Final Showreel

This is my final show reel, changed title credits so it had my name an what i done in main focus, and people who helped below my name. Thnx to lucy who pointed this out. If i manage to get hold of the hayle project i may add that in as well and maybe a few more character designs.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Added a few more bits and bobs to my site, a contact sheet, a cv link where people can download my Cv (which i deleted my personal information because you dont know who will be looking at it), also added a bit for my show reel on my main home page so now it dont look so empty. I may scan in a few of my life drawings as well and add them on.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Show reel part 2

I added all the coloring work i did for steph into my show reel, i also added a couple more character designs, im going to add a few more, maybe have some variety with it, using different styles.

Show reel so far

In this show reel i have put in the animation i colored in, only used a few scenes so far, i may put the rest in as well and maybe cut down the stag scene as well. I will also be working on character designs to put into the show reel as well. I may also look into previous work and see if i can use any of it.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

More buisness card ideas

did a few more buiness card ideas, once using illustrator and other using my character i created for my website using photoshop. Im going to think of more ideas at home hopefully and create a few more ideas into photoshop etc so i have a wide variety to choose from.

I managed to get my Cv done as well, im going to talk with andy and hopefully ill start my show reel.

Final Website

Finally found a design i liked, i may go back if i have the time and edit the tree etc, but i dont want the background to be to detailed, like i said before i want something basic, nothing to flashy and this includes my background design. Im going to work on character designs etc and fill up my art work page.

Website in progress...character

My website now has a character, planning on adding a bit more detail to the contact sheet and home page, and maybe some of the others, looking rather dull at the moment, i might design a whole new background for my website.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Buisness Card Ideas

Here are a few buisness card ideas, to get myself going, did a few with some of my own character designs and another using what i knew about illustrator, im going to do a few more on illustrator and maybe one more with my own character.

Rail way man Finished!!

Finished this scene, think it looks alright, had to change the layers a bit so the tall young man's layer was above the old man's. No problems, no crashing programme or computer.

Rail way man part 3

Got a bit more done today, squirall is a fidderly, have to had the extra detail etc, but its not to bad, should have it done soon :D

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Rail way man part 2

I was given a scene to finish off, which was currrently been colored by our secound year chloe, the last few scenes are quite short, so it shouldnt take me that long to finish it. No problems with this scene except from delete unwanted bits and finding out which layer to use and renaming colors so i know which color goes where.

Profession Practice-website in progress

I started this website over the weekend, just to i can get the basic layout done and sorted out the colors i wants etc. This is what i got so far. Its very blank at the moment, im going to think up ideas of what to put the main home page and also to add to other pages to make them more interesting, i want a basic website, nothing to fancy. My first initial idea was to create a cartoon character of myself and put her in different persitions for each page, another idea would be put a small basic decoration down the side of each page, i will draw these out and keep updating the website till i am happy with it. I am also going to create more of my own character and create more human characters and try out different styles to get a bit of diversity in there.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Stag with a Background!

I got assigned a new job, I composited a background into the stag scene. Problems i came across was getting to grips with persitioning the different layers, Bring forward and back the layers and making sure things fit right, but from a lot of help from steph and alot of fidderling about and closing the page and restarting i managed to get to grips with what to do.


Background was edited and now had a full background done by harriet, i then when back to the animation and composited it all together, i also had to move the tree forward because the antlers in the stag didnt look stuck in the tree in some parts, but by doing this the tree moved around and looked like it was floating, so i had to delete the tree layer and re-do it, this didnt take to long and was a lot quicker then if i tried to move all the single layers to fit each other. Then the grass didnt quite fit and i had to adjust the grass so it would fit but then the grass moved in the scene so i deleted the grass layer and placed it again and made sure it didnt move. Then once i thought everything was sorted out and i rendered out the movie, steph noticed some blank bits where the background didnt quite reach the edges, this was mostly round the camera pan, so i went back and adjusted that and i learnt something new which will proberly help me in the future, steph told me if i turned off the page on the tool bar with the yellow circle nothing should move if i adjusted it.

Rail way man Final

Finally got this one small scene done, with added shadow. Was a bit difficult trying to stop the shadow from moving, but the animation was a bit jittery, but it wasnt to much of a problem. Eventually decided to but a thick line instead of adding a bit more, as this seemed to caused problems and i had to start over.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Rail way man

This is what i got so far, its just the basic block, i am using the same teqniquie as before, where i use the fill bucket and use the button apply to multiple scenes. The only problems i came across was there was gaps in the lines so i had to use the close gap tool so i could fill the color in,k at first i was filling in all the gaps which seem to take up a bit of time so i decided to fill in the color and where it didnt fill in, i would close the gaps where needed, this was much easier and quicker. Another small problem i came across was where i colored in animation and the previous bits on animation i colored would change for instance the face turning grey or the jacket going white, so i went over the animation and filled them in using the right colors for them.

Work Update

This is the final Stag scene, fully colored etc, it took awhile having to always tidy up the coloring, making sure it looked neat and tidy. It took longer then usal as well due to the programme crashing quite a bit.

This was a easy short scene to get done. Plus Andy showed me a better way and quicker way of coloring in on toon boom. using a fill paint bucket and converting the orginal line to Line art, which get the color right up to the edges, this can fill in all the scenes and i just have to touch up the areas it sometimes misses either due to movement etc. Then once the block color has been done i can hand draw the shadow on the hair, clothing etc. I used this on the girl shaking her head.

This has made coloring animation much quicker and much neater.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

You know when you've been Tango-ed

Day: 1

Almost finished a secound scene, this has been easier to do minus being a larger scene and a bit longer then the last, its easier to color due to the little movement. Ran into a few problems where Toon boom Threw up a error when i tried to save my work, so had to close the programme and lose so much work, this set me back a little. i don't know if this is due to the licencing playing up before or just the programme just playing up. Any this is the last 2 days work. The secound day i spent most the day tidying up the previous animation, due to the camera being close up you could see every little mistake.

Day: 2

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


finally finished the epically long scene! Quite happy this is done and out the way, although this would of been done last week if it wasnt for the power failer then liceneces not working and not getting sorted properly, at least its done and out the way now and i can start a fresh scene :D

Monday, 21 March 2011


Well after a few days with no work due to licencing being down since last thursday, i havnt been able to do much work, but luckly it was fixed this afternoon. I almost finished this scene completly, hoping to finish by 2mz and start a new scene.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Well....getting there

Right, got a bit behind on todays work. Had to back up all my work on my hard drive onto disk which took me 4hrs 30mins, talk about slow pc's!! Any way, managed to finished off the blanket, get the basket colored and i have started on the toy plane. I realised when i was coloring in the plane that the outline on the plane was on the same layer as the boy so i had to move the layers above the plane layer which sorted out the problem straight away.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

working till late

Well. quite happy with todays work. Managed to finish the mum and get most of the blanket done in the scene. Was a bit difficult to color in the blanket round the mums hand as the blanket layer is on tops of the mums. I may clean it up a little when im next in.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

A new problem to be fixed

Well i coloured in 30 ish scenes for both mum and little girl on a different computer then i usally use. When i zoomed in it pixalated which made it difficult to color in places. Today i got the computer back i was using, i looked through the scenes i already colored and the color doesn't reach the edges and needs a bit of tidying up. This set me back a bit in work, i also had to go over the end scenes of the little boy due to the pixalation the previous day.

Over all scenes going quite well.

Monday, 7 March 2011

work work work

Well finally got the boy colored and now onto the little girl, was thinking of coloring in both mum and little girl at the same time, see if this saves any time or takes me longer, going to do this for a few days and see how it goes. I think the little girl and the mum will be easier and quicker to do as there are a lot more freeze frames then the little boy and a bit less movement on each key frame. Hopefully will finish this soon :S

Last 3 traced scenes :D

Last three traced scenes, everythings been done that has been given to me, everything went smoothly. except having to move to the old computer i was using, so when i traced the scenes on photoshop it took a secound for the computer to respond which was a pain but got there eventually

Friday, 4 March 2011

Another days work

Well i think its definatly round 70 keyframes a day i color, so im going to try make it 80-90 frames a day, im going to come in earlier the usal and on monday i going to try color 2 characters at a time and see if this is quicker, instead of doing one character at a time.

Still lots to go.......

Managed to get almost 30 key frames colored this morning, im hoping to get at least over 70 done by the end of today and to of finished the little boy.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Monster scene, a bit more done

Got a bit further in the scene, colored 71 keyframes altogether. There is about 256 frames in total, this what renders out, so this should be 256 per character. so in total this is 768 for all the characters, give or take a few if there a freeze frames etc, this isnt including props though so this could be up to 800ish scenes.I am going to work out how many keyframes i color a day, and set a limit i should color everday, so i know roughly when the scene will be finished by.

Monster scene...

Im on to a huge scene, but we are almost finished with the picnic scene. Im going to try do a charater a day, we'll see how today goes and see if i can reach that exspectation. So far im quater the way through coloring the boy. When coloring i had to move the toy plan to the top layer so it would sit on top of the boys color so when i got round to coloring it i wouldnt have to guess and it would be alot more clearer.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Well this definatly took longer then i exspected. So many little movements and changes, but got there eventually. although once i finished i realised the pilot had gloves of, so had to go over the skin color in black :(, luckly it didnt take that long and got finished quickly. After that i realied a key frame was missing and color, do i put a key frame in, copied the color on the last scene and pasted it. :D

Almost finished...

Finshed mum and son, onto the pilot which at the moment isn't that hard. just had to color in a few legs, quiet enjoy coloring this character, its something different. :)

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

scene almost done

Ok, this scene took longer then i thought, every keyframe has a movement, maybe a stand still one after each keyframe. Hopefully i will get this done by tommorow so i can start on the next scene which is quite long.

I also figured out the other day i can hide the background so its grey behind, by doing this i can color in the skin so i dont have to redo it once the background has been put in.

coloring a new scene

This what i got so far, its quite a short scene, well shorter then my other scenes i have done, so im hoping to get this done today, but its taking longer then i thought, alot more seprate key frames to color in with little standing still, well with the mum and pilot any way, boy was quite easy stood still for most of it untill right at the end where he walks off so all i had to do it color one key frame and copy and paste :D.

Took me awhile to start this scene though. Got here this morning, found out my computer has been swapped so i thought, that it would work better, less crashing and will cope better with the large files, but first the version of toon boom must of been real old or it was setup diffrently, because there was no short cuts, had to right click and do it the long way, took me a few mins to get to grips with it all, then once i sorted out the color palette and plugged in my graphics tablet and started to color in, it took ages for the programme to respond to what i was doing, so i colored in. Then it apperared a few secounds later, so i moved computers, then me being silly i didnt save the stuff i did already e.g color pallette so had to re-do all that again, eventually got there though. Though started late again.

Monday, 28 February 2011

a few more traced scenes

ive had no problems with doing these scenes, i try do at least 4 scenes a day after a colored in some animation for steph, have a bit of a change near the end of the day. The only thing that has annoyed me is when i draw on the wrong layer and i can't undo all of it and have to close the page and open it again.

Dog walker scene with added shadows

Same first scene i did but i forgot to add the shadows, so steph gave me back this scene so i could do that. She also re did the lead which looks a lot better then the one i did before. This scene took longer thene exspected, didnt help the programme crashed half way through and had to re do part of it. The shadow in the animation, give it that bit more :)

A scene with colored props updated...

Went to steph about the funny movement in the beggining and she found out that it was the background that was moving, that there was a scene entered on the background layer where there shouldnt be, so steph deleted that and it was all fixed :D

A scene with colored props :D

Ok, heres the same scene as before but with the props, I found out the other day i can hide the white background and color in the white skin, but due to the computer to keep crashing on me every 40mins and if dont save before that happens i lose the work i just done and have to re-do it all :(. Also when i started finishing off the colored props it wouldn't save. then found out my memory stick was full so had to copy everything over to my external hardrive and delete the files off my memory stick and keep the ones i need, this took a lot of tmy time up, bit of a pain, think i need a bigger memory stick or by my own external hard drive. Any way now im going to move on to the next scene finish the next few scenes then come back to this one and color the skin in. Hoping the computer will stop crashing so much, its rather annoying.

I have noticed the begging the camera or girl goes a bit funny, this will be fixed ASAP

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

another 4 traced scenes

Another four scenes traced, think they are going quite well...not many more to go now :D

another short scene

You would think this scene would be the quickest and easiest to do, color the one scene and copy and past the scene...nope, due to the large image sizes and different colors being used, toon boon/pc struggeled with the simplist of tasks, tried to copy and past the character but it took ages to copy,paste,resize and move just one character let alone 3.

Went to steph and said it should move with the tweening but it didnt, so we had the idea of animating the color, to tween it, so we did that and it worked, but after a couple of hrs of programme crashing. Got there eventually though

Another scene colored

This was a very short, easy scene to color in, took my 5mins to color in, got one more short scene with no movement, then ill be starting the final longer scene.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

More traced scenes

Getting there slowly but surly, im trying to share my time out with both leah's project and stephs, Going ok so far.

Finished picnic scene

Another scene done and dusted!...The only problem i came across was the skin color, it was the same color as the white background and i didn't know what i was coloring and what i wasn't so im going to wait till the background has been put in and then color the skin properly.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Picnic scene almost done!

Managed to get both the little boy and mother colored in now, quite happy with the out come, i think in the next scene i may make the shadows more thicker so you can see them alot clearer.....Now on to coloring the little girl.

Monday, 7 February 2011

colored in scene so far

Started on a new scene to color in for steph, i colored in 22 frames so far, this is what i got so far, hoping to finish this scene in the next few days. Happy with it so far, getting use to toon boon and learning a bit more everytime i use it.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Tracing scenes

These are the scenes i have traced so far for leah. The style was quite messy. Think it has turned out ok. Should get more done after the weekend and dissertation is out the way.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Dog walker scene complete! :D

I colored this scene for steph and added the dog lead into the animation. This took me about four days to complete, quite happy with the out come and got to learn a little about toon boom animate pro :)