Sunday, 26 October 2008


I think this is a improvement from my last jumping man, Its turned out a lot better and this one doesn't look like its hit a invisible wall and floating gradually down like it had wings.

I think the anticipation  and the over lapping went ok. 
I think what didn't work is after the man stopped spinning his arms he could of gotten up more gradually and not so suddenly.
Think the squash at the end of the jump could of been a bit more.


After struggling the first two lessons of maya and getting rather confused with it, i am gradually getting the hang of it. Still get confused on some parts and i sometimes forget parts and i have to play around a bit to remember but i'm gradually getting there now.

I really enjoyed using the stretch and squash on maya after getting the hang of it after lots of re starting and more confusion but i got there.
Think the more time i have on maya the more its all going to sink in and i wont get so confused all the time.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Jumping man

I have created a simple squash and stretch animation, this time i have made a jumping man using basic shapes.

I feel like i dragged the man to far out so it looks like he's hit a invisible wall and dropped. I think i should of made him drop further in and needs to squash more as he hits the ground and stretch more as he comes back up. He also needs to drop quicker as he gets nearer the ground as its to much in slow motion, i could go back and delete a few frames out to speed him up.

Bouncing Ball

This week i have learnt the principles of squash and stretch animation using this i created a bouncing ball. I think i could of spent more time on this and made the ball move more gradually down and not so suddenly.

I feel this needs to be alot smoother and the ball needs to squash more when it hits the ground.