Monday, 28 February 2011

a few more traced scenes

ive had no problems with doing these scenes, i try do at least 4 scenes a day after a colored in some animation for steph, have a bit of a change near the end of the day. The only thing that has annoyed me is when i draw on the wrong layer and i can't undo all of it and have to close the page and open it again.

Dog walker scene with added shadows

Same first scene i did but i forgot to add the shadows, so steph gave me back this scene so i could do that. She also re did the lead which looks a lot better then the one i did before. This scene took longer thene exspected, didnt help the programme crashed half way through and had to re do part of it. The shadow in the animation, give it that bit more :)

A scene with colored props updated...

Went to steph about the funny movement in the beggining and she found out that it was the background that was moving, that there was a scene entered on the background layer where there shouldnt be, so steph deleted that and it was all fixed :D

A scene with colored props :D

Ok, heres the same scene as before but with the props, I found out the other day i can hide the white background and color in the white skin, but due to the computer to keep crashing on me every 40mins and if dont save before that happens i lose the work i just done and have to re-do it all :(. Also when i started finishing off the colored props it wouldn't save. then found out my memory stick was full so had to copy everything over to my external hardrive and delete the files off my memory stick and keep the ones i need, this took a lot of tmy time up, bit of a pain, think i need a bigger memory stick or by my own external hard drive. Any way now im going to move on to the next scene finish the next few scenes then come back to this one and color the skin in. Hoping the computer will stop crashing so much, its rather annoying.

I have noticed the begging the camera or girl goes a bit funny, this will be fixed ASAP

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

another 4 traced scenes

Another four scenes traced, think they are going quite well...not many more to go now :D

another short scene

You would think this scene would be the quickest and easiest to do, color the one scene and copy and past the scene...nope, due to the large image sizes and different colors being used, toon boon/pc struggeled with the simplist of tasks, tried to copy and past the character but it took ages to copy,paste,resize and move just one character let alone 3.

Went to steph and said it should move with the tweening but it didnt, so we had the idea of animating the color, to tween it, so we did that and it worked, but after a couple of hrs of programme crashing. Got there eventually though

Another scene colored

This was a very short, easy scene to color in, took my 5mins to color in, got one more short scene with no movement, then ill be starting the final longer scene.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

More traced scenes

Getting there slowly but surly, im trying to share my time out with both leah's project and stephs, Going ok so far.

Finished picnic scene

Another scene done and dusted!...The only problem i came across was the skin color, it was the same color as the white background and i didn't know what i was coloring and what i wasn't so im going to wait till the background has been put in and then color the skin properly.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Picnic scene almost done!

Managed to get both the little boy and mother colored in now, quite happy with the out come, i think in the next scene i may make the shadows more thicker so you can see them alot clearer.....Now on to coloring the little girl.

Monday, 7 February 2011

colored in scene so far

Started on a new scene to color in for steph, i colored in 22 frames so far, this is what i got so far, hoping to finish this scene in the next few days. Happy with it so far, getting use to toon boon and learning a bit more everytime i use it.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Tracing scenes

These are the scenes i have traced so far for leah. The style was quite messy. Think it has turned out ok. Should get more done after the weekend and dissertation is out the way.