Wednesday, 1 December 2010

tree turn around-color

Steph did the outline and added the detail, she then handed over the PSD files and i colored,shaded and added lighting to the tree using the colour pallete steph had given me. The color pallette was very useful while coloring the tree, i knew the exact colors that were needed and i knew i was using the right shades.

I have learnt alot on shading and lighting in photoshop as well as adding detail to pictures using basic colors.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

These are the backgrounds i coloured in for steph. For the last two images i had to re-draw out the background so i could define the buildings etc. Im starting to learn more on shading and lighting in photoshop

Tiger drawring

Something i done in my own time, i done this for a friend for christmas.

I need to work on drawing fur detail and look at drawing and shading animal eyes, i will look into tutorials and work on this in future drawings.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Major project

Here are the background and concepts i have worked on for steph.

I have looked at different variations of different images by adding my own style and looking at stephs and i got to say, i do prefure stephs style. Im quite happy with the out come, i may work on some of them a but more, maybe add more detail as some of them look rather plain and some of them looked slightly unfinished. I will work on these this week and do any other work i will be given.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

My own creature

This is own creature i made up in my own time, i added it onto a photographed background which i need to convert to JPG but will be up at somepoint.

I rather enjoy creating my own characters and experimenting, hoping to improve my art work

Major project

These are two extra bits of storyboard ive added in, thanx to dereks input, i think this has helped the story alot and explains the saucepan.

After a talk with kathy i decided to work on my concepts a bit more and make then look a bit more final. Adding more lighting and shading and adding finishing touches to it

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Character color palette

Here are my character color palettes. I thought i would use my block color to do this. These are proberly going to be my Final characters.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Cheshire cat

I thought i would have a go at coloring in my cheshire cat drawing using photoshop CS3. Quite happy with the out come. Need to practice on shading and fur detail

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Own work-experimenting

These are just idea i had from different research, thought i would try my painted little red riding hood against a photo background. I really like the effects and how it makes the photoshop image stand out.

Own work

I'v been practicing drawing my own characters and using photoshop. I though i would use a halloween theme as its coming up to that time of year. I still need a lot of practice in photoshop with shadow, perspective and using photoshop properly, i will hopefully learn by doing and looking at tutorials.


I decided to look at my characters in block color as i wanted more of a simple looking design, the characters look more 3 dimentional with shading but they look alright in block color as well. I will proberly use this if my idea gets chosen.

This is an example of my storyboard, i have managed to finish this and complete my storyboard. Im not great with angles and doing different views on the characters, i'm quite happy with the outcome though.

Monday, 18 October 2010

This my own dinosaur design which i colored and shaded in, in photoshop, i have cut this down and added writing, i need to convert it to a JPEG and upload it. I came across this idea while looking through deviant art. I rather like the effect it has.
This is my final character design, which i added on different backgrounds. My coloring and dinosaur was my own idea and my inspiration came from looking round deviant art.

My graphics background came in handy while putting the dinosaur onto different backgrounds, here i decided to add it onto a plan background and add a pattern using one of the same colors as the dinosaur.

In my own time after finishing my uni work, i'm going to color my other characters i drew in an i may look at drawing my own dinosaur designs and working in photoshop.

Major project work-characters and concept

I decided to try the little girl in a different color dress after the feedback last week, so far i prefer the pink dress but i may try it with a different color after i finish my other bits of work.
This is my final character with an outline, again i prefer it and the character looks more defined.
Im rather proud of these facial expressions, i'm learning more and more about photoshop and the pen tablet an enjoying it more and more, i decided to add dark lines around the angry face to add emphasis.
Here are my facial expressions for my characters, showing the character and personality
This is my final character with the outline.
This is my favorite concept, everything looks neat and crisp, and it shows i'm getting better at using photoshop. I defiantly prefer the work with an outline.

I tried this concept with an outline and i think it looks a lot better, the dinosaur looks a lot clearer and everything looks a lot neater.

For future work i am planning on coloring in the character turn-around, try my main character in block color, without the shading as i was thinking for a 2D animation it would be a lot simpler for block color. Also i need to start on my animatic and maybe color in my storyboard.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

My own characters

In my spare time, in between breaks of work, i felt like drawing my own characters, this is what i came out with, im hoping to color them in, in photoshop when i have the time.

Quite happy with them, could of work on the rabbit more and the baby squirrel. mite do that in photoshop.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Designs- Major project

These are some of my character turn arounds. Im planning on coloring them in, in photoshop and editing them.

A few facial expressions and environment designs, Again these will be colored in at some point this week.

Another environment design, i looked at various parks, drew them up and added my own ideas.

As im going along in the project and trying new things, i found out i quite enjoy using a pen tablet and using photoshop. This has encouraged me to work more in photoshop and practice on my drawing an them putting them into photoshop. I need to work on character designs and get my skills up ready for the working life.

During this project i found out the characters i drew and wanted to be simple, wasn't as simple as i thought it was going to be. I struggled with the character turn around, especially on the little girl but also on the dinosaur, i need to work on my shading as well.