Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Added a few more pages to my website with the sketch work i have done and some fan art, may do a few more bits and bobs of fan art to fill that up a little.

Here's the link to my site:

Final Showreel

This is my final show reel, changed title credits so it had my name an what i done in main focus, and people who helped below my name. Thnx to lucy who pointed this out. If i manage to get hold of the hayle project i may add that in as well and maybe a few more character designs.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Added a few more bits and bobs to my site, a contact sheet, a cv link where people can download my Cv (which i deleted my personal information because you dont know who will be looking at it), also added a bit for my show reel on my main home page so now it dont look so empty. I may scan in a few of my life drawings as well and add them on.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Show reel part 2

I added all the coloring work i did for steph into my show reel, i also added a couple more character designs, im going to add a few more, maybe have some variety with it, using different styles.

Show reel so far

In this show reel i have put in the animation i colored in, only used a few scenes so far, i may put the rest in as well and maybe cut down the stag scene as well. I will also be working on character designs to put into the show reel as well. I may also look into previous work and see if i can use any of it.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

More buisness card ideas

did a few more buiness card ideas, once using illustrator and other using my character i created for my website using photoshop. Im going to think of more ideas at home hopefully and create a few more ideas into photoshop etc so i have a wide variety to choose from.

I managed to get my Cv done as well, im going to talk with andy and hopefully ill start my show reel.

Final Website

Finally found a design i liked, i may go back if i have the time and edit the tree etc, but i dont want the background to be to detailed, like i said before i want something basic, nothing to flashy and this includes my background design. Im going to work on character designs etc and fill up my art work page.