Thursday, 11 March 2010


Here are some drawings i done in my spare time, i think i could of make the shading less darker, when i get a chance i may re-do it.

research for concept etc

Before i went onto designing my concept and background, i drew each new scene from a diffrent angle, designed props and looked at diffrent materials.

These are jus rough ideas and after i dew then all out properly.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Background designs

These are my final backgrounds and concept pieces, im rather happy the way they turned out. my favorite peice is the view from outside Versailles. I think i couls of worked on rennies bedroom a bit more and put more detail into it and the final space, i think i could of worked on the spaceship more and painted it a lighter colour and maybe the background being ligher as well as workin on the stars.

I also did a peice with all the characters next to each other, showing size diffrence.

pre-production character designs2-reinnie

These are my designs for reinnie, im quite happy with the outcome think i could of worked on the face a bit more in the final pose. I enjoyed looking at female fashion in the 17th century. This is one of the character i enjoyed quite a bit. I think i need to work on facial expressions.
I wanted reinnie to something like rose, a bit of a fun loving, caring,noble character.

Pre-production character designs

These are the characters i have designed for the pre-production project, i do struggle with drawing people and i did a lot of research on faces, fashion and hairstyles form out era and the 17th century. I particularly enjoyed looking into the 17th century. As i do enjoy a bit of history.
I think i need to work on facial features a bit more and proportions of the body, but i do like the the final peices i came up with espcially some of the clothing.

My favorite part of my work are my two final faces, i can draw faces a bit better close up then at a distance, i need to work on looking at people from a side view.
My doctor ideas i looked into diffrent type of suites, i also tried looking at putting him to the same clothing as the 17th century and more into casual clothing. I wanted the doctor not to be hunky, but more of a smart, caring childish, happy character instead of going down that stereotypical route of the main character being really good looking and junky, i quite like the realistic look to it but i think next time i might have a go at looking at cartoon characters and making them look less relalistic.

I quite like the design of rose, i didnt want to make her look to girly and the typical blonde pretty girl you always see on tv, i looked into diffrent fashions and hairstyles. I decided to go for a shorter hairstyle but not make her look to tom boyish.
I dont like my body proportions those, head looks to big and i think i need to work on drawing the same images and making them look the same.
I wanted rose to be fun, bubbly, happy,energetic and cheeky character.

The king is one of my favorite designed characters, i wanted to take him away from the traditions royle colours. and i found that my favourite design was the first one i drew out. I think i need to work on his side views and maybe make him look slightly older, but over all i like the overal design.